The Park Lane Film Festival is a celebration of creative minds that strive to achieve beauty in their craft. The medium of film resembles painting, literature and music and we encourage students to use various elements to produce artistic results. Each year we dedicate a learning unit to the development of a film making learning framework. 


Students explore the use of the moving image (stop motion) or real life filming to communicate ideas about particular genres or styles of art. They analyse paintings, films, cartoons, illustrations, digital images, photographs and images from contemporary visual culture. They learn the importance of using metaphors in a narrative, the craft of making storyboards and the dynamics of film editing.


Not only does filmmaking focus on skills but on learning dispositions of curiosity, empathy, aspiration and tolerance but also the development of skills such as:
■ communication
■ decisionmaking
■ commitment
■ time management
■ creativity and problem solving

■ working under pressure
■ accepting responsibility



In line with the IB learner profile we are committed to creating and sustaining an environment where our pupils are:

  • successful learners;

  • industrious and curious;

  • respectful and empathetic;

  • cooperative and collaborative;

  • honest and trustworthy;

  • knowledgeable and competent in their use of technology;

  • aware of environmental issues;

  • resourceful and responsible global citizens.

The 5 R’s: Park Lane learners are:

  • respectful

  • responsible

  • resourceful

  • resilient

  • risk-takers